11 Tips for Author Success

Shadow FigureEveryday I see authors that reinforce how happy they are to be an author, while other reinforce the idea that they are struggling. If I look at your last five Facebook posts, or your last five Tweets, will I see a confident author, or a miserable author?

You already understand your purpose in life…to be an author. Whether you are content, excited, or disheartened with that purpose is entirely up to you.

One way to reinforce your gift is to map out a strategy to achieve your goals. You need to be paid for writing, because you are not meant to do anything else. If you accept that fact and work on an approach to accomplish your dreams, rewards will come your way.

On the flip side, if you complain about the publishing industry, or complain about your lack of success, then you will not accomplish anything.

Also, if you post things on Facebook like you favorite movies, or where you went out to eat, you will be reinforcing your personal life, not your author goals.

You need a strategy and stick to it.

I suppose another approach is to think about what makes you unhappy. What is your worst fear? The answer to that question will shake you out of your rut and force you to create a map that leads away from fear, while heading towards your most cherished dreams.

Here is a strategy format that was created by a marketing/branding agency, Brand Eleven Eleven. (BEE) Do these eleven things and your strategy will become your life:

BEE Willing to Help…

BEE Value Driven…

BEE Focused…

BEE Goal Oriented…

BEE Stable…

BEE Showing…

BEE Innovating…

BEE a Leader…

BEE Inspired…

BEE Responsible…

BEE Trusting…

Let me assist you. Answer these questions and formulate a strategy:

How can you help others with your books?

What value do your books bring to others?

How can you stay focused each day on reading, writing, and marketing?

What goals do you have for the next four months? Next year? Next five years?

When things do not go your way, how will you handle those humbling moments?

What ideas do you have for a story today? How can you write a book that will change the lives of others? What marketing ideas do you have? How can you use your imagination for all aspects of your author career?

How can you become an expert in your genre? (Think about non-fiction books. The author shows how they are an expert in a certain area. You need to constantly think the same way and show that to your target audience.)

What inspires you? How can you inspire others?

Who is to you blame for things not going your way? Publishers? Agents? Readers? Reviewers? If you take responsibility for your career, then no one can get in your way. (Only you are to blame.)

Every time someone sees your picture on Facebook, why will they say, “I can trust that person.”

Remember that successful authors have a strategy, but your path is different than everyone else…

Ron Knight

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  1. Very good tips for an author. The only one I hesitate about is “Bee stable.” Some days I am, and some days I ain’t worth my oats!