10 Book Selling Ideas for Authors

Book MoneyDo you need some ideas to sell books? Here are ten!

Idea One: Advertise your books in local movie theatres, especially the independent theaters. There are several ways to do this which include advertisements on the screen before the movie, advertise on the kids’ meal, posters in the lobby, and leaving handouts on the candy counter.

Bonus: It just takes one film producer, director, or actor to see a poster of your book in the lobby, which would get them thinking, “Hmmm….this book would make a terrific movie.”

Idea Two: Charles Dickens became famous by using serialization as his primary marketing tool. Post samples of your books and get readers hooked on your stories. If you have more than 10 books, offer some of them for free, especially if they are eBooks.

Idea Three: Charles Dickens also acted out his stories in front of an audience. Partner with local actors to perform scenes from your book. Do this live or make a video that you can post on YouTube.

Idea Four: Send 25 postcards to leaders of book clubs that read your genre. You can Google book clubs in random zip codes around the country and you’ll find several. (Even in places like Alaska!)

Idea Five: Create a series of book trailers that are more like a reality show instead of using slideshows and music. There’s no need for expensive camera equipment. Use your imagination and your iPhone, keeping your videos 30 seconds to a minute.

Post the videos on YouTube and promote on your blogs, website, and social media accounts.

Idea Six: Enter a writing contest. By winning an award, you give your writing credibility, which gives you better opportunities to sell books.

When you do win, promote the award on all of your marketing materials.

Idea Seven: Team up with a lawn company and offer to pay them $20 if they simply handout one of your bookmarks (or postcards) to each of their customers. Most lawn businesses have over 100-200 customers, so this is a reasonable marketing expense.

From there, contact other lawn companies each month in other areas and expand around the country. For $20 a month, you’ll be able to reach about 1,500-2,500 homes in a year.

Bonus: You can do this same concept with a bounce house business, Yankee Candle rep, or even pool company. Use your imagination!

Idea Eight: Many schools are desperate for money and are allowing authors to advertise for a small fee. You can have bookmarks sent home with report cards, or a poster in every hallway of the school.

If you have an adult book, there are places to advertise at colleges for a small fee, especially in the student centers and school newspapers.

Idea Nine: Invest in “old school” advertising; this includes billboards, newspaper advertisement, or even a television commercial on a local channel. 99% of authors aren’t doing this, which makes it a perfect reason for you to do it.

James Patterson runs a simple 30 second commercial on television and has been doing this since he published his first book. (When he didn’t have a lot of money.) He’s the only author doing it, but Patterson is also the wealthiest author. You don’t need anything fancy. Just a simple “hook.”

Bonus: Advertise in magazines that have the same genre as your book. For example, if you write psychological thrillers, then advertise your books in the magazine, Psychology Today.

Idea Ten: Be a problem solver in the lives of your target audience. If you write romance, then post tips on having a romantic evening. If you write horror books, then blog about ways to know if your neighbor is a serial killer.

Be inventive and benefit your audience. Use all your website and social media resources to promote your problem solving skills. This is how non-fiction authors become rich. Nevertheless, fiction authors can use the same logic.

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