2014 Awards


What Would Happen Next?

What would happen if you entered the Writing Challenge and became one of the winners? What would be the short term and long term benefits? Take a look… Your story will be published in the new book: Products, … [Read More...]


Market Your Marketing

50,000 new books are published each month. 25,000 new products are released each year. This doesn’t count the books and products that are already out. All of them are promoting. All are fighting for market … [Read More...]

Untraditional Publishing

Who Can Read Your Books?

We can evaluate your book so you know who can read your book and who would struggle reading your book. This is a free service, sponsored by 9 Minute Books. This has several advantages. First, you can better understand your market and potential readers. Second, if your book is difficult to understand, then you might consider adjusting your writing in the future. What we evaluate: How easy or difficult is it to understand your book? How many words do you have with 12 letters or … [Read More...]

Three Key Selling Points for Books

There are two main ways authors sell books on Facebook. Here’s an example that has the least chance to sell books. It goes something like this… “I just released a new eBook on Amazon for $3.99! Pick up your copy today!” To better your chances, it should sound like this… “The planet is still under violent siege by ferocious animals. Humans are their desperate prey. Except some humans are evolving, mutating into a savage species that could save civilization—or end it.” That was from … [Read More...]

Someone Read Your Book and…

What do you imagine would happen after people read your book? By answering this question, you can relate to a reader’s emotions and connect on a deeper level. Write a 250 word story about a reader. Create a fictional reader in your head, imagine they just read your book. What happens next? How did they react? How did it change their lives? Did they cry? Become angry? Maybe they changed their point of view based on your storyline. They might have fallen in love with a character and … [Read More...]