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Inspiring Facts for Authors

“The reason successful people read to improve themselves is because it separates them from the competition and they are able to see more opportunities.” ~ Success Magazine Fact One: If you are reading books every day … [Read More...]


Preparing Your Author Marketing Campaign

There are four things to consider before you start a marketing plan. Don’t brush these items off. Everything you read here is based on statistics and putting you in the best position to succeed. First: You might need … [Read More...]

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Author Book Kits

We blog about Book Kit’s more than anything else, because we believe it is an amazing benefit to authors. It holds all of your marketing and promotional materials which will help you or others sell your books. In your first Book Kit, it will have everything that you could possibly need. Think of it as your “file drawer.” Then once you decide to mail a Book Kit out, you will send only the materials needed for that specific location. For example, a Book Kit sent to a television news station … [Read More...]

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Authors: Remove Excuses, Add Success

Here are the average Top 5 excuses authors use for not becoming successful: No time. No money. No connections. No support from others. No motivation. (Procrastination.) These are “easy” excuses for authors to make. You might have said, “It doesn’t seem possible for me to become wealthy selling my books.” My response is, “Actually, it doesn’t seem possible why you can’t become wealthy selling your books.” The reason for my response is there are plenty of authors making … [Read More...]

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Using “Why” for Author Marketing

Are you struggling with marketing? There’s a simple reason why this happens. You’re rolling the dice, rather than conveying an attractive message. Here’s the process on how 98% of authors try to sell books. First: The author explains “what” they wrote. Second: The author explains “how” to order the book. Third: If asked, the author explains “why” they wrote the book. A common example of an author posting on Facebook, “I wrote a new book called Romantic Imagination! (What) You … [Read More...]