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Movie/TV Producer Looking for Thriller

Did you know that there are film and television producers looking to make deals with self-published authors that have a unique book? This has become a common theme in Hollywood. The latest request comes from a … [Read More...]



13 Facts About Reader Habits

If you know exactly what readers are doing and what they want most in the world, then you have an advantage over authors that really don’t pay attention. Use these statistics for your marketing and your future writing … [Read More...]

Untraditional Publishing


16 Facts About eBooks & Print Books

There was a time when the most heated and debated subject was Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing. Now, the debate shifts to eBooks vs. Print books. Instead of debating and getting all worked up about opinions, let’s look at the facts from different sources to get an idea of what’s going on. ~ 75% of people between the ages of 16-29 have read a printed book in the last year. The younger generation has preferred digital products with the exception of eBooks. (Source: PEW … [Read More...]


7 Facts About Certain Readers

So many blogs discuss things like, “Knowing your readers,” and “Learn the details about your target audience.” It would be nice if someone just told authors what they need to know about readers. Well, here you go… ~ Adults have a vocabulary of about 60,000 words. The most common 4,000 words account for 98% of the conversation. Keep your writing simple and you will reach a larger audience. (Source: Geoffrey Miller) ~ Readers make snap judgments about an author’s trustworthiness, … [Read More...]


10 Bookstores for Self-Published Authors

There’s been a high demand for self-published authors to get into bookstores. Here’s a list to get you started. Barnes & Noble Stores Summary: Let’s start with the longshot. There’s over 100,000 submissions each year, but if you follow their guidelines, it’s worth the chance. Website: http://www.barnesandnobleinc.com/for_authors/how_to_work_with_bn/how_to_work_with_bn.html Watermark Books Summary: According to the owner, Sarah Bagby, “No questions asked, we’ll take five copies … [Read More...]