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Lifetime Producer Looking for Books

A producer of Lifetime movies is looking for authors that have written a true story that is high profile, relevant, but nothing too complex or overly sophisticated. If the book is accepted, the rights will be optioned … [Read More...]



Comparing Readers in Different Cities

Let’s focus on one city that has millions of YOUR readers. Here are the deciding factors: ~ An area that has high-income level. (68% of readers live in low-income areas. 85% of readers live in high-income areas.) ~ … [Read More...]

Untraditional Publishing


Which Readers Have Value?

The decisions that your target readers make are from their heart, meaning, based on their inner emotions. Readers assign value to every book that they consider. There’s two important questions based on that fact: ~ How will readers see your book to consider it? ~ Why will readers believe your book has more value than the 300,000 other books that had been published this year? You can begin to answer those questions by thinking outwardly. Every reader in the world has a certain value to … [Read More...]


5 Tips to Improve Your Book

The average person in India reads about 10 hours and 40 minutes a week, while the average person in the United States reads about 5 hours a week. If you’re selling to the U.S. market, then “speed” needs to be part of your books. Tip One: Cut your paragraphs down to seven lines. Your reader will move their eyes down the page and feel like the book is moving with lightning speed. Think about this question for your potential readers, “Do you prefer long paragraphs or short … [Read More...]


110 Tips for Authors: 101-110

Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on! (If you would like the complete list of 110 Tips for Authors, email AuthorRonKnight@aol.com and label the email, “110 Tips”.) 101: When you are at author events, make sure you are always standing and looking motivated. 102: Most authors write blogs about what is going on in their life. Instead, authors should write blogs about what is going on in the reader’s life. 103: The reader should believe that your book was … [Read More...]